NEW EDITION for 2019

KS2 English Spelling Targeted SATs Practice Workbook for the 2019 Tests (Year 6) (STP KS2 English SATs Essentials)

Packed with focused practice questions and a wide variety of exercises, this targeted SATs practice workbook is the perfect way for Year 6 children to master all the areas of English spelling required for the 2019 Key Stage 2 SATs exams.

Written in line with the most recent testing requirements, this new edition contains:

  • 25 themed units dealing with ALL the spelling rules covered in Year 6 (as well as those learned in Years 3-5)
  • Over 30 different question formats
  • 60 spelling tests (in addition to the 25 themed units)
  • Over 1,800 level-appropriate target words (including all 200 statutory spellings for Years 3-6)
  • Complete Answers
  • A Words in Focus section listing the target words in each themed unit
  • A Spellings section providing a complete alphabetical list of all the words covered in the workbook.